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Protocols PPTP, OpenVPN - depending on the subscription plan
Payment Methods Payza, Skrill, Perfect Money, Paypal, Cashu, Bitcoin, Credit Card,
IPs 50
Filesharing only legal P2P allowed, not allowed on servers in USA, UK, Australia or New Zealand
Trial Version Free, restricted Version
Clients Linux, Windows, Android, Mac, iOS
Countries Free Australia VPN Trial, Free Austria VPN Trial, Free Chile VPN Trial, Free Costa Rica VPN Trial, Free Egypt VPN Trial, Free England VPN Trial, Free Finland VPN Trial, Free France VPN Trial, Free Germany VPN Trial, Free Hong Kong VPN Trial, Free Iceland VPN Trial, Free India VPN Trial, Free Ireland VPN Trial, Free Isle of Man VPN Trial, Free Italy VPN Trial, Free Japan VPN Trial, Free Luxembourg VPN Trial, Free Mexico VPN Trial, Free Netherlands VPN Trial, Free New Zealand VPN Trial, Free Panama VPN Trial, Free Portugal VPN Trial, Free Romania VPN Trial, Free Russia VPN Trial, Free Singapore VPN Trial, Free Spain VPN Trial, Free Sweden VPN Trial, Free Switzerland VPN Trial, Free Turkey VPN Trial, Free Ukraine VPN Trial, Free USA VPN Trial,

Signing up for virtual private network (VPN) services is a good idea for any consumer who takes Internet security and anonymity seriously. There are a number of eavesdroppers and hackers on the Internet and surveillance techniques are very common. VPNs give users the security of an encrypted Internet tunnel by allocating IP addresses from the chosen servers and also allow customers to unblock geo-restricted and censored websites and channels around the world. Finding a provider who offers a free trial VPN is a great way to check out how these services work and whether they are appropriate for consumer needs.

Consumers looking for free VPNs to trial out may want to give VPNSecure.me (VPN.S) a whirl. This United States-based provider offers a limited free VPN service, as well as a two day trial period at a cost of only $2. The free trial VPN is restricted and only available to Windows devices, users will find they can only log in via one United States-based server, have a 600MB data limit imposed and VPN.S have also enabled advertising on the free VPN. That said, the service is still free of charge and any consumer wanting to check out exactly what VPNs are all about is well advised to try out this provider’s free service.

When it comes to checking out the low cost two day trial with VPN.S, the available protocols are OpenVPN or PPTP and HTTP proxy service is also provided.

Signing up with VPN.S is simple and customers can pay with a variety of methods, including anonymous Bitcoin. In January 2015 VPN.S had servers located in 41 countries, so this is a major provider, allowing customers access to blocked sites all over the world. It’s easily possible to switch server locations at any time and a variety of protocols are available to allow different devices to access the virtual private network at security levels preferred by the consumer.

The free trial VPN offered by VPN.S offers a great introduction to using virtual private networking services and the company provides a professional service and slick website. Independent reviewers confirm speeds on the free service are actually pretty good, considering it’s only possible to access VPN.S free service via the United States servers. All in all, anybody wanting free or cheap rate VPN for a while is well advised to check out what’s on offer from VPNSecure.me.

The servers of vpnsecure.me are located in countries like Germany, Portugal, Ukraine, Russia, Netherlands, Iceland, Isle of Man, Ireland, Switzerland, Mexico, Austria, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Romania, Finland, Turkey, Singapore, Spain, Panama, Chile, Japan, France, Costa Rica, Australia, Sweden, Luxembourg, Egypt, USA, India, England and Italy.

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