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Protocols SSTP VPN, PPTP, Open VPN, L2TP
IPs 37
Logfiles only usernames and time, for only one month
Clients Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS
Countries Free Canada VPN Trial, Free China VPN Trial, Free Czech Republic VPN Trial, Free France VPN Trial, Free Germany VPN Trial, Free India VPN Trial, Free Italy VPN Trial, Free Latvia VPN Trial, Free Luxemburg VPN Trial, Free Malaysia VPN Trial, Free Netherlands VPN Trial, Free Romania VPN Trial, Free Russia VPN Trial, Free Singapore VPN Trial, Free Sweden VPN Trial, Free Switzerland VPN Trial, Free United Kingdom VPN Trial, Free United States VPN Trial,

Free Trial with Switch VPN

SwitchVPN was launched in 2010 and has quickly drawn attention due to its high quality levels of encryption. The company is based in India, it has established itself as a major service provider with excellent value for money.

Supported VPN Protocols: It supports ultra-secure SSTP VPN, PPTP, Open VPN and L2TP protocols and provides a serious approach towards the anonymity as well as running on multi-gigabit speed servers.

SwitchVPN has a built in algorithmic features that protect companies and individual IP addresses from being tracked by others. Switch enables its customers to browse the internet without limitations and unblock and block websites not particularly accessible to their IP addresses.

SwitchVPN is user friendly and can easily be installed. It requires no special computer knowledge in order to install, set up and use its programmes. SwitchVPN offers many accounts based on the server type and location as well as combo account that allows users to access all protocols and servers. It charges different prices depending on the account. For example, lite-select 1 country, advanced-select 1 country and combo-13 countries (all protocols) have different price tags.

VPN / IP Adresses from: SwitchVPN has over 13 servers from different countries with varying download and upstream speed from each location. However, the performances at these locations are good and the connections are reliable. SwitchVPNN servers are located in over 13 countries namely: Romania, United States, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Singapore, china, Latvia, Malaysia, Switzerland, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Luxemburg, India, and Sweden.

Unblocking & security: SwitchVPN do not collect or save any log files on customers usage and it states clearly that it only keeps log files for one month. After one month, the log files are deleted from all sources permanently.

SwitchVPN has 7 day trial, after which subscribers are expected to pay some price depending on the type of subscription. It also offers a 7 day money back guarantee to its subscribers.

VPN Free Trial Offer 2014: Switch VPN offers a 24 hours Free Trial Account