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Protocols OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec
Payment Methods Bitcoin, Paypal, Credit Card,
IPs n/A, 50 servers
Filesharing n/A
Logfiles n/A
Trial Version 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
Clients Linux, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac
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Most people appreciate that browsing the Internet can be insecure in many ways. The Edward Snowden revelations highlighted just how much personal information is scrutinized by the authorities, and eavesdroppers or hackers are commonplace on the web now. One way of circumventing these problems is to take out a virtual private network (VPN). VPNs mask consumer IP addresses within securely encrypted data tunnels and allocate customers with different IP addresses from the customer’s chosen servers.

Finding the best VPN provider may seem hit and miss, there are so many companies on the market offering different services and providing a range of add on products. One way to thoroughly check out a VPN is to take out a monthly plan with a provider who offers a cast iron money back guarantee. IronSocket VPN is a reputable provider offering a full seven day money back guarantee and customers will receive 100 percent of monies paid if they choose to terminate their IronSocket service within seven days of taking out the initial plan.

IronSocket is based in Hong Kong and has more than 50 servers in 36 countries around the world (at February 2015). The company offers a great VPN with discounted rates available to customers taking out payment plans over six months or a year. Consumers looking for a VPN that accepts filesharing and torrenting activities will be pleased to note that IronSocket accept these types of activities, some VPN providers restrict or prohibit these activities. As IronSocket is based in Hong Kong it is in a location where Internet regulations are less restrictive than in other areas of the world.

Customers with IronSocket have the ability to connect up to three devices simultaneously, and can pay small additional charges if they need to have more than three devices running at the same time. This is a good option for customers who use mobile Internet devices, WiFi in public places can be notoriously insecure so having the protection of a VPN is always advisable for anybody using mobile devices to connect to the Internet.

The IronSocket customer service team is only available via an email ticketing system, but responses to queries are rapid. FAQs on their website and a company blog also provide information and answers to common problems experienced with IronSocket VPN.

All said, this VPN is a good choice for customers wanting a service that guarantees money back if teething problems are experienced with the plan. IronSocket provide servers in Australia, New Zealand and Brazil too, which is good news for expats needing to access geo-restricted sites in these countries.

Their servers are located all around the globe, providing users access to ip adresses from Norway, Hong Kong, Spain, Panama, Singapore, Russia, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Ukraine, New Zealand, Egypt, France, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Argentina, Romania, Cyprus, Malaysia, Taiwan, Switzerland, Iceland, Indonesia, England, Denmark, Australia, Sweden, Mexico, Canada, Ireland, Philippines, Luxembourg, Germany, USA and Brazil.

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